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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I have designed these alphabets especially for sharing FREE. One is an all caps light blue jelly design. And the other is a grungy red paint design in both all caps and lower case. I hope you like them.

No longer available

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Physical Scrapbooking - Pros

· A more hands-on creative process that can use multi-media (jewelry, paint, sparklies)

· You can share scrapbook days with like-minded people

· You can share and swap papers and other embellishments with your scrap buddies

· You can easily show your albums to family and friends

· You can create lovely gifts using photos and different scrapbook methods like creating folding mini albums, cards and surprise boxes

· You can create beautiful multimedia journals

· Create and frame a special photograph

Physical Scrapbooking - Cons

· The sheer amount of space needed to house all your supplies!

· The amount of supplies needed

· The eventual need for equipment for cutting dies, embossing and templates

Whichever path you choose to take, it will be a wonderful, creative journey.

Have oodles of fun!

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Digital Scrapbooking

There are some big differences between digital and physical scrapbooking in terms of space and equipment you may need or want:-

Digital Scrapbooking - Pros

  • No need for physical scrapbooks

  • Scrapbook paper and elements can be quite expensive

  • Doesn’t require storage space for papers, embellishments, etc.

  • You can use software functions like masking, fading and much more that can’t be done with a physical page

  • Doesn’t need a supply of adhesives, printed photos and a monumental amount of papers

  • If you don’t like something in your layout, you can just delete it without wasting resources

  • You can design your own pages and elements

  • You can resize your pages and elements to suit your digital design

Digital Scrapbooking - Cons

  • You need a really good graphics computer if you eventually want to design pages

  • You need to learn how to use the computer and design software

Next post will be the Pros and Cons of Physical Scrapbooking

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All you need  to know about Digital and Physical Scrapbooking


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