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Finding Graphics & Supplies

So now you have your computer and chosen software what’s next? How do you actually get the creative juices flowing? I find the easiest way is to choose a photo that you would like to start with. I have 5 grandchildren, and they all have scrapbooks from the day they were born to present time. I also scrapbook our holidays and travels. Choosing a photo will help you decide things such as; the theme of your scrapbook page, the colours you would like to use, the text and embellishments you want to add. Some examples of my designs; A Young, Modern Design, A Romantic Design and A New Baby Design.

Next, open your web browser and search for Free Scrapbook Paper and Free Scrapbook Elements. There are a multitude of sites that generously offer free supplies for your digital scrapbooking including; digital papers, embellishments such as floral embellishments, graphics, scrapbook templates and frames for strictly personal use. If you're looking for a particular look for you text elements, free font downloads are also readily available.

Please do not infringe on copyright laws by stealing designs from the Internet. Also pay attention to the Terms and Conditions placed by the creator which limits the use of their free designs. As an example, most free downloads are for personal use only.

Alternatively, you can purchase ready to use digital scrapbook templates from a website such as mine

Most of all, there are no restrictions on colour, design and embellishments you can use to create your special page. The only person that it needs to please is you!

The wonderful thing about digital scrapbooking is that you can change your mind endlessly without having to waste anything!

Have fun!

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